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Welcome to the Relocation Information Network ...where Global Mobility connects..
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RIN seeks your support to grow its global network. Sign up and join the global RIN community via this website!

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We are also looking for enthusiastic Chapter Managers, who like to support and network with HR and C&B managers in their home region.

Interested in running your own RIN Chapter? Then contact RIN Global HQ via info@rinnetwork.com

Welcome to RIN Global Network

Are you responsible for the expats in your company, their work- and residence permits, international tax issues, travel expenses, foreign and local accommodation, removals and other relevant matters?

Then join the RIN Global Network and work closely together with your International Mobility colleagues around the world, as well as in your region. The RIN network is only accessible to in-house Corporate Mobility staff that is directly involved with expat related issues. RIN encourages a better personal contact between people that share the same business challenges, knowledge and experience, both an a regional and a global scale
RIN offers an independent and safe non-commercial platform, where you can share valuable information and knowledge, related to International Mobility issues. RIN stimulates networking amongst international HR and C&B staff without any commercial involvement from outside parties.
RIN was founded in 1995 and wants to expand to all corners of the world, where people face identical local and international situations and seek solutions for global challenges.
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RIN gives direct access to colleagues with the same business interests in your region and around the world. RIN provides you, at no cost, with a database of up-to-date practical information from experts in your profession. In short: RIN directly connects you with the world of International Mobility.

How to register?

If you are interested in participating in the RIN network or, as an introduction, would like to visit one of the RIN meetings, please select your chapter of interest or contact RIN Global.

Terms and conditions

Participation in the RIN network is exclusively reserved for employees of multinational companies and organizations, who are responsible for expatriate related matters.